Greetings from partner companies

REAZ OVERSEAS will provide excellent human resources in Bangladesh to Japanese companies and develop services to help the labor force.
Behind this, we have a track record of producing excellent human resources by promoting the experience cultivated at Bangladesh International Recruit Agent (BAIRA) and the development of large-scale training centers.

The absolute proof is the repeated orders received from 20 major business partners. We pride ourselves on being the largest human resources development and development organization in Bangladesh.

We have a large number of training staff, and the training center is also substantial. We have created an environment where workers working in the field can work with the highest level of performance and ability.

The quality and abilities of all employees are always guaranteed and will not end as a one-time transaction. Our goal is to keep in mind the details and follow up continuously so that we can continue to trade.

We will strive to improve customer satisfaction by fulfilling individual duties led by the representative.

Thank you.

Representative of REAZOVERSEAS Reaz Ul Islam

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