Representative profile

Name:James Woo

Date of Birth May 5, 1963
Educational background YONSEI University Department of Politics and Diplomacy
Graduated from HANYANG Graduate School of Political Science

Job career

March 1995 Manager, Electronic AV Division, SAMSUNG Co.Ltd.
SAMSUNG Electronics and Communication Research Laboratories Planning Office Leader
IMT2000 Mobile Phone Standardization Planning Office
Engaged in standardization of wireless terminal devices 3G and 4G.

September 2000 Became CEO of ENDLESS RAIN Co.Ltd.

February 2001 ENDLESSRAIN JAPAN Co., Ltd. was established and CEO was appointed.

July 2006 Participated as the founder of MISSHA JAPAN. Appointed head of Sales Headquarters of MISSHA JAPAN Co.Ltd.

September 2008 Established LOAM Co.Ltd. and assumed the post of representative director.
Introduced Korean cosmetics TONYMORI in Japan.
Expand all over Japan. 

October 2013 Established Donk Bio and Perm Japan Co.Ltd.Appointed representative director.
Engaged in planning, development and sales of health foods. 

January 2014 Established WONKWANG BIO JAPAN Co.Ltd.and assumed the post of representative director.
Raw material planning, development and sales of health foods (current position) 

August 2019 Established REAZ OVERSEAS JAPAN Co.Ltd. Became representative director.

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